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Chambre chez l'habitant à Toronto, Old Toronto, chez John


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Equipements et services du logement

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Description du logement

We noticed that you are planning a trip to Toronto and wanted to suggest that you look at our profile on this web site. We have rooms available soon.
We live in a tall home in a green and central part of town. All our rooms have free heat, electricity, TV, and fast wireless internet. Our room prices are listed below.
Furnished room in our new, clean basement. It's cozy and warm, it has a space heater which you control. It has an opening window, a separate entrance, and a nearby fridge. The bathroom is on the same floor, shared only occasionally.
Meals are not included in the rent, but we provide meals if you want them. Breakfast is self-serve (cereal, fruit, bread, cheese, coffee, tea, juice, etc.) and is $5. You can prepare your own lunch from what we have for $5. We have a cooked dinner (homemade barbecues, roasts, fish, etc. with greens, salads, fruit) for $8.00 (all prices in Canadian dollars which are about the same as US dollars). The food is plentiful and nutritious, but we do not prepare dinner every day so you can use the kitchen then, if you like.
We find that most travellers and homestayers do not want to eat every meal at home every day, so we ask that you only pay for the meals you take with us, on a weekly basis. If you do not eat at home, you do not pay. That works out to be cheaper for you, if you want to sometimes go out with friends. If you prefer, you can buy and prepare your own food.

We are one block from the 504 streetcar (direct to downtown and Dundas West station), close to High Park, Lakeshore, Roncesvalles shopping & library. Downtown language schools and businesses are 20 minutes to half an hour by public transport.
Let me know if interested!!

En savoir plus sur ce logement

Classe énergie

Logement avec une consommation annuelle d’énergie inférieure ou égale à 50 kw/m²/h

Emissions de gaz à effet de serre

Logement avec une emission annuelle de GES inférieure ou égale à 5 kg/m²/an

Localisation du logement

L'adresse exacte n’a pas été communiqué par le propriétaire.

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