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appartement 2+1 (53 m2) rénové, proche à la gare de Nogent-le-Perreux (RER E) à pied (7 mn).

94170 Le Perreux-sur-Marne

9 m²
750 €
Je cherche un(e) coloca-teur\-trice francophone ou bien français(e) qui parle un peu anglais, aussi. J’ai un appartement 2+1 (53 m2) rénové, proche à la gare de Nogent-le-Perreux (RER E) à pied (7 mn). Loué estimé €600+€150 pour les charges (inc. Chauffage, EDF, Internet, Netflix, VPN, etc.)
Merci bien de me contacter par email.

Hi All,
I am a computer engineer who have been working for a Japanese company’s Paris office (Rakuten) for 2 years with boring 9:30-18:30 working hours and I am looking for a long term flatmate to share my 53 m2 apartment. 
The apartment, -as you can see in the pictures- was renovated one year ago, has 3 rooms (2 bedrooms and one living room), one kitchen, one bathroom, one toilet and a cute balcony. 
It is in a very calm and green neighbourhood (still it is ok for weekend parties) , near to Nogent- Le Perreux station of RER E(precisely 7 min by walk, my personal record is 4 min ???? ).
I am the owner of the apartment so we don’t need to worry about convincing landlord for anything. The kitchen is well equipped and we have refrigerator, oven, hot plate, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, coffee maker, toaster, iron, vacuum cleaner etc. And in your room, there is a pull out sofa 140 X 200 (you can throw it away if you don’t need). It is not a very large room though with a king size bed you have enough remaining space for a desk and a wardrobe there, so it is ok for Paris I guess.
The rent for your room and shared areas (living room, bathroom, toilet, kitchen) is 600 euro and monthly costs for amenities is 150 euro (everything included like heating, hot-cold water, electricity, condo fee, internet, Netflix and even vpn -thus we can watch Netflix from different countries ????- ) 
There two transportation options to Paris:
RER E – 7 min by walk to RER E Nogent-Le-Perreux station and around 20 min to Gare du Nord and after it Saint Lazare 
RER A- 10/15 min by bus to Nogent-Sur-Marne station and around 15 min to Chatalet
For me it is a bit hard to define myself, but I guess it is required to do for this kind of ad. Just in a few words, open minded, easy going, like biking, camping, nature, cooking, literature and to think on people and societies..
Finally, the apartment is pet friendly (but I don’t have any right now ☹) and since my French is still awful, for the sake of your mental health you may need to speak English (at least for a while because I am really working hard on this).
For your questions please reach me by PM.


Foreign student Etudiants étrangers acceptés
 Oui Garants étrangers

Surface totale 53 m²
Surface privée 9 m²
Places dispo. 1
Nombre de chambres 2
Salle de bain 1
Type de logement COLOCATION
Surface 53 m²
Loyer mensuel CC 750 €
dont Charges 150 €
Frais de dossier Aucun
Dépôt de garantie 750 €
Date de disponibilité Immédiatement
État Bon
Meublé -
Chauffage Collectif
Étage 3ème étage
Ascenseur Oui
Services inclus Wifi inclus Kit vaisselle Fours à micro-ondes Laverie Parking à vélo Machine à laver Lit 2 places
Services en option TV
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