Coronavirus and students: 3 tips to stay focused at home

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Coronavirus and students: 3 tips to stay focused at home

While the news of the schools closing must have made more than one happy, having to work from home can be a challenge for some. Indeed, being able to concentrate throughout the day from the cocoon of your accommodation in relation to the school or the campus is not easy, it is sometimes even more complicated.

The sources of distraction are many and the desire to work is not necessarily there when you are at home. So here are some tips to help you stay focused and not get penalized while studying (or your job for those of you who are telecommuting like the author of this article).

Tip 1: keep your usual pace

For those of you who normally take public transportation to class, and who sometimes have quite a long commute, don't fall into the “I'll wake up 10 minutes before and I'll be on time” trap. This is the best way to avoid being awake for the first half of the day and feeling tired during your online lessons. Your morning commute allows you to take the time to wake up properly.

Take advantage of this free time in the morning to have a decent breakfast (especially for those who are not used to it). You will gain energy and you will be more focused at the start of the day, especially since you are in an environment that can be “too” comfortable and which could cause you to linger and divide your attention.

On the other hand, for those who are always late, perhaps this is the opportunity to finally be on time (video) and that it will give you the energy you need to get through the day.


Tip 2: Choose your workplace wisely

Your bedroom isn't necessarily the best place to concentrate. While this is probably the most comfortable place for you, a lot of items or objects you might have in it can cause you to lose focus. A book here, a console there, a poster on the wall or just a window looking out. It is sometimes difficult to stay focused on your own in your own bedroom. If you have the opportunity, work in another more neutral room like a living room or kitchen which is likely to present fewer distractions.

For those who thought they were working while lying in bed, this might not be the best idea. The urge to doze off, take a nap, or "rest your eyes for a few minutes" would only be stronger. Moreover, this position is not really recommended in terms of health for your back or your neck. Sitting with your back straight and eyes level with the top edge of your screen is best to avoid long-term fatigue, with armrests at your desk to reduce stress on your wrists.


Tip 3: stay physically dynamic

It is important to stay focused that you don't sit in front of your screen all day. If the breaks or change of room between 2 lessons seem harmless, they allow you to decompress and get your body moving because it needs it. The proof is that when you sit for several hours taking a class, you're happy to finally get up and take a few steps. So don't hesitate to take regular breaks and stretch to wake up your body.

In addition, getting up will allow you to rest your eyes, as they too will start to tire. Try to fix your gaze on a point on the horizon or across the room from time to time to reduce fatigue from using a screen, they will thank you (especially if you don't. not used to sitting in front of the computer for long periods).

Okay, after that there is the classic advice that you must have heard a number of times:

stay away from screens other than your computer (television, laptop, etc.) which represent strong sources of distraction
avoid opening tabs to social networks, this is a trap that you will hardly be able to disconnect
gluttony is good, but snacking all day long is not necessarily because being at home, the mid-afternoon snack could turn into continuous snacking (after all, you know where hidden cookies / drinks in free access)
We hope that these tips will help you in your studies and do not hesitate to do your search for student accommodation in anticipation of the 2020-2021 school year on ImmoJeune by creating your account, completing your rental file and applying for the advertisements that you want. interest.


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