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Are you looking for sample documents to help you in your rental process? This page lists the free contract templates and the sample letters. We have thought of landlords and tenants to provide a complete list. If you have any further questions or ideas for a sample contract or sample letter that you would like to see added, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Every model contract has been reviewed by a lawyer at ImmoJeune. They are provided for information only and free of charge. Even the full responsibility in case of use. Real estate evolves regularly, and changes in regulations can lead to changes in the clauses, especially for the different forms of leasing contract (rental lease, co-rental lease, sublet contract, seasonal lease). We therefore advise you to keep yourself informed of legal developments. We bring you the maximum of information, and you will find in an exhaustive way (sometimes indigestible) the totality of the articles on the site Lé

Lease Agreement: A Model Lease by Type of Lease

The lease contract is binding on the owner and the tenant for the entire duration of the contract: from a few months to a few years. It's best to be alert as to the contract you are going to submit to the tenant, to avoid possible later disappointments. Find the answers to your questions and use our contract templates. You can directly generate the completed contract in your owner's area (registration is free and fast).

Here is the list of models that will soon be available...

  • Furnished rental lease (duration 1 year)
  • tudent furnished lease (duration 9 months)
  • Empty lease, law 89 (duration 3 years)
  • Roommate Lease
  • Seasonal lease (short term lease)
  • Sublease agreement (lease under lease)

Cancellation letter: Cancel your lease, EDF, your insurance...

You are a tenant and you wish to leave your home, therefore terminate your lease. But have you thought about all the things you need to do to leave with peace of mind? We've made a list of the categories of form letters you'll need. So in order, you will have to inform your landlord, send him a <strong> letter of cancellation</strong> by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, ask to cancel EDF, transfer your home insurance.

  • Letter of lease cancellation (1 month's notice, furnished lease)
  • Advance notice of lease (cancellation of empty lease law 89)
  • Cancel a lease (notice reduced to 1 month)

Sample letter: Application for CAF housing assistance, sworn affidavit

Here are the other documents you may need in connection with finding a rental or managing the contract during the rental period.

  • Attestation of Honour (Lease under lease)
  • Rent receipt (template)
  • Rent increase (annual revaluation letter IRL index)

To download these documents you just need to be logged in. It's free and it will allow you to access all the features of the site.

We'll see you soon,

ImmoJeune team