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Studéa Villeurbanne Republique 2

Localisation 20 rue colin - 69100 Villeurbanne

Date publication Published 5 years ago

Equipments and services

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Description of the accommodation

The residence Studéa Villeurbanne République 2 is recent. It offers pleasant living spaces and functional. Thus, you will enjoy the daily dynamism of Lyon and enjoy a quality of life in a lively neighborhood near the Doua campus (University Claude Bernard Lyon 1) and close to public transport (Metro line A station "Republic Villeurbanne "and Tram T1 stop" Condorcet ").

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Types of accommodation

Studéa Villeurbanne Republique 2 : Studio
Proche du campus de la Doua, la résidence Studéa ...

Rent: 495€ Deposit: 310€ Application fees: 500€


Energy efficiency

Housing with an annual energy consumption less than or equal to 50 kw/m²/h


Greenhouse gases

Housing with an annual GHG emission less than or equal to 5 kg/m²/year