ImmoJeune was on Chérie s'occupe de vous TV show - Chérie 25 channel

Clock 3 minutes Clock Published at 03/12/2020

ImmoJeune was on TV show

The ImmoJeune platform had the pleasure of intervening recently as an expert in housing for students and young workers on the Chérie 25 plateau in the program “Chérie soccupe de vous” alongside Evelyne Thomas.

New coaching program of the moment, "Chérie takes care of you" broadcast on chérie 25 aims to help people find solutions to everyday problems. For this, Evelyne Thomas surrounds herself with experts such as Karine Grandval, psychotherapist, Sandrine Pégand, lawyer and legal expert and Mathilde Forget, life coach. But also speakers specializing in their field such as William Vieillard, general manager of the platform specializing in student housing ImmoJeune.

During his intervention, William was able to help, advise and find solutions for Gladys and Danissa. Looking for shared accommodation in the Paris region for almost 3 months now, these two students are now operational to quickly find accommodation!

If you too are in the same situation as Gladys and Danissa, here are our tips:

  • Carry out your research on a site specializing in student accommodation to maximize your chances
  • Prepare and seriously complete your application file with all the required documents. On immoJeune everything happens online very simply.
  • Add official documents to prove your solvency (think about your guarantors)
  • Apply for jobs that suit you!

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