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Improve your application profile (and put the odds in your favour!)

Improving your application profile means putting the odds in your favour so that your profile will be selected when you find accommodation that suits you.

Calculate how much rent you can pay

Make your profile stand out Each month you'll normally have to pay your rent in advance. It's therefore important to understand the expenses you face. Depending on the contract you'll have to pay: rent + bills + home insurance (compulsory) + electricity + housing tax (in certain cases you'll be excluded) + internet.

It's important to verify that, after all these different types of outgoings have been paid, you have enough money left to cover daily living expenses (food, supplies, clothes, transport).

It's for this reason that normally the landlord will insist that you earn at least three times the rent cost. If you're a student, they'll ask that one or all of your guarantors earn at least 3 to 5 times the rent cost. This reassures the landlord that you or your guarantor will always be able to cover the rent costs.

What can I do to make my profile stand out?

If you don't have an income source you have to look for a guarantor. The guarantor has to earn income in France. This is very important as the landlord has to turn to them if you cannot pay the rent.

If you have a guarantor but their income is less than 4 times the rent (bills included) try to find a second guarantor to strengthen your application profile.

If you are unable to have a guarantor in France, you have two possibilities: use the student rental deposit scheme (Clé) or organise a bank guarantee.

What can I do to make my profile stand out?

The bank guarantee is an efficient way to rent if you don't have a guarantor in France. You basically block a certain amount of money in a bank account. The bank blocks the account (you are unable to take money out during the rental) and acts as your guarantor. You therefore have a guarantor, it's the bank. This type of guarantee comes at a cost, however the blocked account can then be renumerated afterwards so it's still an interesting and useful solution.

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