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Do you own a property to rent or are you looking for a rental? You can choose to rent with an agency or <strong>rent from one private individual to another</strong>. Save time and save agency fees. In contrast to other sites <strong>renting between individuals</strong>, our site is 100% FREE. Landlords can publish their ad, with photos, in just a few clicks. Tenants can sign up for free and apply to ads.

Rent an apartment to a private individual

Renting between private individuals Renting between private individuals has a certain advantage; by being in direct contact with the landlord you don't have to pay any agency fees. However, that means that both landlords and tenants therefore don't have access to the advantages of agencies, such as their expertise when writing the lease agreement, creating the tenant application profile and verifying the documents. With, tenants upload their documents and an application profile is created for free. It's sure to gain you time and ups your chances of renting directly with an individual. Landlords hoping to rent between individuals then benefit from a high level of information about the potential tenant thanks to the complete application.

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Individual to individual

To rent to an individual you have to meet the necessary legal requirements. You also have to complete the compulsory building surveys, prepare the leases in accord with the latest laws and complete a detailed property inspection which will protect you as well as the tenant during any restitution works. You'll find all necessary information for the different steps in your space "My Account". Sign up for free to access this information and to rent your property, hassle-free, to another individual.

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